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18 Aug 2019
Welcome To Our New Website We will have a lot of updates to share in the coming week & months
Thank you for visiting! We are pleased to announce that our new website is now live! The site has been designed around Mannai Properties , to deliver a truly amazing Mannai Properties Real-estate Prporties search experience. Follow Us ! We will have a lot of updates to share in the coming weeks & months. Here are just some of the features we’d like to highlight: It is muc… Read More
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17 Aug 2019
Mannai Properties to get global exposure through Aqaraats window
Mannai Properties, the real estate development division of Mannai Holding, will now be getting more global visibility and exposure through Aqaraats Real Estate Management system . An agreement to this effect has been signed with the representatives of the respective companies . Aqaraats provides a platform for real estate vendors and agents to showcase their products and services to the world thr… Read More
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16 Jul 2020
Our website is part of the real estate market You can find us on our website and the real estate market
Our website has been linked to the real estate market So that our properties can be accessed from our site or through the real estate market . It also allows our valued customers to communicate with us through our website or through the real estate market, to inquire about their accounts, request maintenance services or inquiries, as well as pay their due bills . The signatories also allow the… Read More